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Solar Cell Manufacturing

Khoie Solar is developing a 2GW (~516 million PV cells annually, totaling a roughly 2000 megawatt production capacity) manufacturing plant for solar cells in the KIZAD industrial park in Abu Dhabi.

PERC & TOPCon Technology

The factory is intended to produce full and half PERC M10 cells, with potential upgrades and conversions to the line available to also produce more advanced TOPCon cells.


The Khoie Solar Industries cell production site is to be located in the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) which is one of the largest industrial zones in West Asia that currently houses around 7,434 industrial plants.


PV cell production at the KIZAD, Abu Dhabi site is to be realized with two production lines.

Each of these production lines has a maximum production capacity of 1,000 megawatts per year. This corresponds to a total annual production of approximately 258 million PV cells.

Phase 1 - 1GW solar cell factory, KIZAD Abu Dhabi

Our Products

10 MW Solar Farm

All-inclusive, prepackaged solar farm solutions can provide desired power virtually anywhere the day goes.

Solar Car Port

These minimal-maintenance long-term solutions turn a simple car park into eco-friendly dual-purpose real estate. Additionally, the shade can improve the comfort and longevity of parked vehicles.

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